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The SEEDS system consists of six dynamic elements working together to guide your child towards social-emotional success.


Full Circle Approach

Our Full Circle Approach includes everyone responsible for your child’s development working as a team, ensuring consistency and purposeful work from all involved.


Personalized Plan

Every step we take is tailor-made for your child based on their personal strengths, interests, and needs.

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SEEDS Specialist

A specialist* will give your child one-on-one guidance in the setting of your choice, employing proven strategies in coping, self-regulation, socialization, and self-empowerment.


SEEDS Advocate

A SEEDS Advocate will stick by your side throughout the process, keeping you in-the-know and fully supported.


Data Tracking

We regularly monitor your child’s academic and social progress to track their development and to ensure that our practices grow and adjust to your child’s evolving needs.


Whole-Family Supports

We provide research-based tools and strategies that will empower your whole family to grow as social-emotional learners.

*All of our specialists have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and cleared background checks.

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