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Nature is Art!

November 2, 2023
Mill Valley, CA

Join us as we learn to observe our surroundings as both artists and researchers. After reading the book Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert, we will learn to be mindful of the space we occupy and the nature around us, focusing on the vital role of trees and plants. Led by Anya Chytrowski, we will work in teams to find different natural materials to create beautiful plant prints, creating a tactile experience and a way to document what we have found.

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Biomimicry and Art

New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA

Biomimicry is a way of studying nature to come up with new ideas. Led by artist Stefanie Schwartz, we will learn about how inventors and artists like Leonardo DaVinci were inspired by nature and explore our environment to spark our own art projects. We will learn focusing techniques that will help us regulate our emotions and stay in the present moment. Working together and sharing our art will help us connect with others and build relationships.

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Drawing Upon Nature, Wonder, and Art 

New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA

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Artist Stefanie Schwartz will guide participants through an exploration of the ways in which we can use our bodies to see, sense, and listen among the redwoods. Together, we will experiment with immersive sensory experiences that deepen our bond with nature and enhance our emotional well-being. We will then create an art project that will be a reflection of our personal connections to the redwoods. Finally, we will share our observations and artwork to help us connect with others and build relationships. 

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Yoga and Crafts Under the Sky

New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA


   This yoga experience will take children through a combination of traditional yoga poses (asanas), stretches, creative movement, and breathing techniques (pranayama), along with storytelling, songs, and games. Each day will include an art project that will become an active prop for our yoga sequence. Combined with free movement and nature exploration, this experience will expose children to mindful movement while enhancing their self-confidence and motivating them to keep moving and discovering.

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Creative Crafts - Walking Stick Making
New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA

This group will enjoy the process of making their very own hiking companion that will last a lifetime. Every stick will be individually cut with holes drilled by the leader. Participants will safely sand their sticks using different grades of sandpaper before using stains and shiny coatings to waterproof their sticks. We will then add stickers, glitter, leather handle straps, rubber stoppers, compasses, and jewelry to really make these pieces of art shine!  Our goals during this confidence-building workshop are to bond with peers, learn new coping strategies, and regulate emotions in a variety of ways; all while making this one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of heirloom art that can be passed down for generations.
Please select both days for this activity.

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Group on Drums

Music and Emotions
New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA

This group will explore how music can be a useful tool for regulating our emotions and bodies. There will be activities for interacting with music in various ways, including examining different musical genres, drum playing, and even learning to read and play basic rhythms. And much like all of our activities, there will be plenty of opportunities for participants to socialize and develop friendships!

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River Rock Painting and Strategy Building

New Dates TBA
Mill Valley, CA

Led by Walker Elkus, kid master strategy builder for social and emotional intelligence, this activity will explore tools and strategies that can be used to manage and regulate a variety of emotions, including frustration and anxiety. Participants will have opportunities to activate their creativity, socialize with other children, and improve their fine motor skills - all while creating beautiful river rock art!

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